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Photography is a way of life for us.
We are lucky that we both have a passion and drive for creating images.
Working together, as we do on the majority of shoots, enables us to create what we feel is a more considered and uniquely
styled image that can conjure with emotion, nostalgia and the visual senses.
Our passion is for Fine Art Glamour and Landscape work, but we are also drawn toward Still Life capture, combining differing lighting techniques to create rich and deep personal images.

Our photography technique and abilities have developed over the years and continue to do so.
We are both primarily Canon users, but a lot of our Glamour and Portraiture work is produced using a medium format Pentax 645z. 

Our development has allowed us success within competition and publication and we are both accredited members of affiliated Photography Societies.

Jules' ARPS panel (for Associate Membership of The Royal Photographic Society) is viewable on this site within the Showcase page.
This panel was conceived and shot over a period of months and is intended to create within the viewer, a feeling of
quiet retrospective nostalgia.

We hope you enjoy our work and feel free to contact us.
 Thank you for visiting. 

Fine Art Photography, Glamour Photography, Portraiture and Landscape Photography
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